The Speedhound Dropout System

The patent pending SDS lets you build your ONLY ONE with almost any drivetrain:

  • Belt or chain drive
  • Multi-speed hub
  • Single speed
  • Fixed-gear
  • Road derailleur
  • Mountain derailleur

The SDS consists of receivers that are permanently attached to the frame. Replaceable dropouts are then fastened to the receiver using standard 10mm chainring hardware.

The beauty of the SDS is that it allows you to change out the dropouts, giving you horizontal track-style or the vertical derailleur option.  It also allows the spacing between the dropouts to be adjusted.

Track Style Dropout
Our unique track-style dropouts mount to the frame in four ways, giving you a choice of 120, 125, 130, and 135 mm hub spacing.

Vertical dropout
Our vertical dropouts allow you convert between road (130 mm) and MTB (135 mm) derailleur drivetrains.

Belt drive or chain
A split in the drive side dropout receiver allows a belt (or unbroken chain) to fit into the rear triangle.