What makes the ONLY ONE unique?

The patented Speedhound Dropout System. No other bike has anything like it.

How does the Speedhound Dropout System work?

The Speedhound Dropout System consists of receivers that are permanently attached to the seatstays and chainstays. Replaceable dropouts are fastened to the receivers with standard 10 mm chainring hardware. The beauty of the system is that it allows you to change out the dropouts, giving you horizontal track-style, vertical derailleur and slider dropout options, including disc brakes. The Speedhound Dropout System is fully compatible with belt drive and also allows the spacing between the dropouts to be adjusted.

How do I get a belt into the rear triangle?

The drive side receiver is split in two, with a gap for the belt to pass through. This gap is exposed when the dropout plate is unbolted from the receiver. The split receiver also lets you remove and replace a chain without breaking it.

What are my dropout choices?

With the standard ONLY ONE, you get both the vertical derailleur dropouts and the track-style dropouts, with all mounting hardware.  The slider option substitutes our slider-style dropouts, which are spaced at 135 mm and are perfect for belt drive applications and also work with derailleurs.  The disc brake option has the slider-style dropouts with ISO disc caliper tabs and a disc-brake fork.

Where are Speedhound bikes sold?

You can buy a Speedhound at one of our dealers in Minneapolis or directly from us through this website.  Please click on the "Contact" link at our homepage to reach us.

How much does the ONLY ONE cost?

The suggested retail price for the frameset is $1,450 for the standard model with derailleur and track dropouts. The frameset with the slider dropout option is $1,550 and the disc brake option is $1,650. The price of a complete bike will depend entirely on how you equip it. Figure on adding $1,000 and up for new parts.  We also offer a $100 discount for purchases directly through this website.

Do you sell complete bikes?

The ONLY ONE is sold as a frameset (frame and fork) only. The design of the ONLY ONE is so adaptable that we didn't want to limit your options or ideas. You decide how you want to build the bike up. We also offer drivetrain kits for the Gates Carbon Drive System.

Can I get the ONLY ONE without a fork?

We've designed the frame and fork to work together and we would be sad if you used someone else's fork. Many frame makers don't bother making their own forks anymore, but we think a bike succeeds on the qualities of its fork. ONLY ONE frames and forks come with matching serial numbers.

What colors does the ONLY ONE come in?

We have eight colors:

  • Ace Red -- ripped from Baron von R's triplane.
  • TRO Orange -- our first orange was too "safety," this is The Right One.
  • Ray Yellow -- more citrus than school bus.
  • Nut Green -- that would be pistachio.
  • Our Blue -- a metallic blue that reads slightly purple, with a glossy clearcoat.
  • New Black -- kind of satin, kind of matte, not glossy.
  • Ice Cream -- slightly off white, vanilla.
  • Not Chrome -- close, but not quite chrome, a superfine silver with clearcoat.

What sizes does the ONLY ONE come in?

The frames are 51, 54, 56, 58, and 61 cm, measured center-to-top. All sizes are designed for 700C wheels. Please go back to our homepage and click on "The ONLY ONE Frameset" link for frame geometry information.

Where is the ONLY ONE made?

The frame and fork are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We contract all of the cutting, brazing, welding, and finishing work in the Twin Cities. The tubes, bottom bracket shell, dropouts, seatstay and chainstay bridges, brake bosses, badges, paint and decals are all U.S. made.  The following components come from Taiwan and Italy: fork crown, fork tips, top eyes, shifter bosses, brake cable stops, and water bottle bosses.
Who designed the ONLY ONE?

The ONLY ONE was conceived of and designed by Chris Cleveland, the inventor of the Speedhound Dropout System, and a founder of Speedhound Bikes.

What does QVAVIS VELOCITATE mean, and how do you pronounce it?

Quavis velocitate is Latin for "go your own speed," our company motto. It is pronounced "qua weece way low see ta tay." (I'll bet you weren't expecting that.) In Latin, V is pronounced like our W. C is pronounced just as in English, unlike the "ch" sound of modern Italian. On our frame decal, we followed the old Roman convention of using only capital letters (Romans didn't have lower case). They also didn't have the letter U, but used V instead. That's why we have a V following the Q.