Nickel Plated Speedhound Special

What's Coming Down the Road?


We’re stoked to share some new stuff from Speedhound.  Ever since we showed our nickel-plated ONLY ONE at NAHBS 2011, we’ve gotten requests for plated Speedhounds.  So we’re excited to announce that triple-plate chrome is now an option on any Speedhound frameset.  You can also get chromed fork tips and stays with any of our eight colors.  Look for details about this custom option soon!

We’re also busy getting ready to exhibit at NAHBS 2013, which is in Denver, CO from February 22 through 24.  In the next few weeks, we’ll share some sneak peeks of our show bikes.  For now, let’s just say that we’re extending the theme of bright and shiny things in an unexpected direction with our “Cromovelato” show bike.  It’s a brilliant twist on a traditional Italian finish.  Think chrome + tinted, translucent coating.  The effect is like a colored mirror – get your goggles ready.