Adam Turman Speedhound Posters Available Now Image

Adam Turman Speedhound Posters Available Now


We commissioned Adam Turman, a favorite Twin Cities illustrator, to create the Speedhound poster.  It combines some of our favorite themes: bike riders, Italian Greyhounds, and Speedhound bikes!  To see more about Adam Turman and his printmaking, click on the link below.  You can buy a Speedhound by Adam Turman poster from us for $35, including shipping to the continental U.S.  Click on the "Contact" link at the upper right of our homepage and tell us your name, mailing address and how many prints you would like.  We'll send you payment options, including credit card or personal check.  The posters are screenprinted by hand, measure 18" X 24" and are signed and numbered by the artist.  The run is limited to 60 prints.

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